Frosty Hesson of Chasing Mavericks Fame


Frosty Hesson is a living legend… known well for his big wave surfing, surf mentoring, and VERY large laugh he uses to greet you!!!! HELP CREATE JOY is what he writes when asked for his signature… it is also that very joy that comes to mind when watching him surf …. Shortboard, longboard, big wave gun…his depth of wave riding style knows no bounds. He goes …..and we enjoy …whether you are a seasoned surfer or watching from the sand side. Perhaps he is best known for his tutelage of Jay Moriarity, a Santa Cruz surfing phenom. Hesson’s mentoring with his young protege began a journey that lead Jay to big wave norcal surf spot: “Mavericks”… A place that Frosty and a very small group of elite surfers frequented during the huge Northern California winter swells. At 16 years old, Jay became a sports media legend himself, being the youngest person to surf Mavericks, as well as survive a wipeout that is still considered the worst ever known in surfing history. Frosty ‘s mentorship helped to prepare him for what most consider an unsurvivable situation…. Jay not only survived but continued to surf mammoth waves… Unfortunately , years later, young Moriarity drowned in a diving accident in the Indian Ocean. Frosty, along with Jay, are the subjects of the new film, “Chasing Mavericks” which is based on this story. . Frosty’s new book, “Making Mavericks” is an autobiography that shares the real life story of this amazing surf icon and human being. (Zola books website) It is with this in mind that those of us here at “…….”. wanted to bring his name into a wearable art form… We hope you appreciate it as much ad we appreciate him. Partial proceeds for sales of “Frosty Wear” go to the “Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group”, a non profit that helps to fund cancer support groups (such as Jacobs Heart and Womancare). Frosty and his wife, Zeuf (a cancer survivor), believe in helping to create joy.

Thank you